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Botanical Society of America (B.S.A.),
Pacific Section

Records, 1933–1936, 1939–1941

HI Archives collection no. 7
Two boxes

Content note
This collection includes correspondence of the following:

* Flora Murray Scott (18911984), Secretary, B.S.A. Pacific Section, concerning the 1935 (Los Angeles) meeting

* J. Murray Luck (chemist, 18991993), Secretary of Pacific Division, American Association for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S.), and George B. Rigg (18721969), Secretary, B.S.A., concerning the 1936 (Seattle) meeting

* Ira L. Wiggins (18991987), Secretary, B.S.A. Pacific Section, concerning the 1939 (Stanford), 1940 (Seattle), and 1941 (Pasadena) meetings

Correspondence of the aforementioned with other botanists concerns papers to be given and other arrangements.

Also found here are minutes, announcements, programs, and related items concerning meetings of the Pacific Division of the A.A.A.S. and its associated body, the B.S.A. Pacific Section. Included are a B.S.A. mailing list (1933), by-laws of the B.S.A. Pacific Section (1934), Constitution of the Pacific Division of the A.A.A.S. (1936), and forms (filled in by the participants) calling for papers to be given at the 1936 B.S.A. Pacific Section meeting.

Scott, Flora Murray
Photographer: Westwood Village Studio, Los Angeles
Date: 1968 (at age 77)
Copied from original loaned by Dr. Scott
HI Archives portrait no. 1

Wiggins, Ira L.
Photographer: M. Graham Netting
Date: 25 January 1961
Location: Natural History Museum, Stanford University
HI Archives portrait no. 2

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