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Charles Edwin Bessey (1845–1915)

Conservationist; professor of botany, University of Nebraska

Items, 1867–1914 and n.d.

HI Archives collection no. 36

Folder file, box 1, 16 items

Bessey, Charles Edwin
Photographer: C. E. Watkins, San Francisco
Date: 1875
HI Archives portrait no. 1

Biographical and content note
Charles Edwin Bessey (1845–1915) was a professor of botany at Iowa State University (1870–1884) and at the University of Nebraska (1884–1915). This collection consists mainly of his handwritten notes and drafts relating to topics including a “list of flowers analyzed” (1867, 22 pp.); a freshman botany lecture (1878, 16 pp.); the importance of enthusiasm in teaching botany (1914, 4 pp.); his friend Asa Gray (2 pp.); “plants of [Jean Nicolas] Nicollet’s Expedition as probably were found within the present limits of Iowa” (11 pp.); “the Phyla, Classes, and Orders of Plants” (12 pp.); “Robert W. Furman’s Work on Forestry” (9 pp.); and Filices, Equisetaceae, Lycopodiceae, Musci, Hepaticeae, Characeae and Thallophyta (19 pp.). Also found here are two letters (1899, 1901) appointing Bessey a collaborator in the Division of Forestry, U.S.D.A.; a printed invitation (1909) to a banquet at the University of Nebraska in honor of his 40th year as a professor of botany; and other items.

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Bessey, Charles Edwin
Photographer: E. H. Walker, Michigan
Date: 1914
Location: Michigan
HI Archives portrait no. 7

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