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Adolphe Théodore Brongniart (1801–1876)

French botanist, taxonomist

Selected Letters,

HI Archives collection no. 15
Folder file, 13 letters

Brongniart, Adolphe Théodore
HI Archives portrait no. 1

Biographical and content note
Adolphe Théodore Brongniart (1801–1876) was a French paleobotanist, plant taxonomist, and anatomist. This collection includes 13 photocopied letters, 1823–1826, all in one file folder.  Originals are held at the Library of the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

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1. Correspondence from Robert Kaye Greville
11 photocopied pages, plus one extra copy of each letter at back of folder

The first collection of correspondence consists of four letters, dated 12 January, 4 May, 28 May, and 3 November 1826, from Greville, Edinburgh, to Brongniart, Paris. Among the topics discussed are that [   ] Brewster will exchange the Edinburgh Journal of Science with Brongniart in return for Annales des Sciences Naturelles; exchange and identification of algae specimens; Greville’s interest in Red Snow, which he concludes is a species of Palmella, as William Jackson Hooker (1785–1865) has called it in an “unpublished supplement to Parry’s 2nd Voyage”; his work on [Scottish] Cryptogamic Flora (1823–1828); his discovery of “the perfect fructification of Lichina pygmaea and L. confinis” and its representation in the Flora; the projected folio work (Icones Filicum) he will undertake with Hooker; requests for fern specimens in exchange for copies of the Flora; his essay on Red Snow, copies of which he sent for Brongniart to give to Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, Jacques Gay, Karl Sigismund Kunth, Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemin, Augustin François César Prouvensal de St. Hilaire, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire Fée, and Jean Baptiste Geneviève Marcellin Bory de St. Vincent; and references to the work of Georg Freidrich Kaulfuss and Diedrich Franz Leonhard von Schlectendal, as well as to an unnamed work by Brongniart, which apparently was to be published imminently.

2. Correspondence from Herman Christiaan van Hall
4 photocopied pages

This correspondence consists of two letters, dated 5 April 1825 and 24 January 1826, from van Hall, Amsterdam, to Brongniart, Paris. Van Hall sends the first fascicle (Flora Belgi Septentrionalis); regrets he didn’t send the Dutch coastal algae he had promised in return for French plants Brongniart gave him; sends the second fascicle of his Flora, with comments; says he was named Professor of Agriculture at the University of Groningen; remarks on a new journal of natural history, which he will undertake with [Claas M.?] Mulder and another colleague; and suggests exchange of two copies of this journal for one of the Annales.

3. Correspondence from Christian Gottfried Nees von Esenbeck
8 photocopied pages

This correspondence consists of three letters, dated 30 March 1824, 30 April 1825, and 31 May 1825, from Nees von Esenbeck, Bonn, to Brongniart, Paris. Nees refers to the exchange of Nova Acta and the Annales, as well as other botanical publications; the recently published first part of Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius’s “Palmiers” (Historia Naturalis Palmarum), discussing the classification therein; a memoir by Martius on “la Physiognomie du regne végétal du Brésil”; observations by Nees von Esenbeck on some species of Nepenthes, which were well received by the editorship of the Annales, and the genus Sinningia, which Nees von Esenbeck believes is a new genus of the family Gesneriaceae, and which he asks Brongniart to make sure has not already been described; and notes that Jacques Gay is working on the Sesamaceae [Pedaliaceae].

4. Letter from Nicolas Charles Seringe
2 photocopied pages

This letter, dated 10 May 1824, is from Seringe, Geneva, to Brongniart, Paris. Seringe writes that he sends willow specimens by the artist Jean Christophe Heyland; refers to his revision of his work on willows (Saules de la Suisse) and to the genus Spirea; and notes that the first century of his own Plantae Selectae is in press.

5. Letters from Benjamin Silliman
8 photocopied pages

These three letters, dated 27 June 1823, 13 May 1824, and 11 June 1824, are from Silliman, New Haven, Connecticut, to Brongniart, Paris. Silliman refers to his own poor health; to memoirs on plant fossils, which Brongniart sent him, and fossil specimens he sent to Brongniart; and refers to an exchange of the Annales and the American Journal of Science.

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