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Joachim Camerer [Camerarius] (1534–1598)

Botanist, physician

Letters, 1577–1597

HI Archives collection no. 8
Folder file

Camerer, Joachim
Photographer: George H. M. Lawrence
Original portrait at Linnean Society of London
HI Archives portrait no. 4

Scope and content note
This collection includes four letters (typed translations) from the German botanist Joachim Camerer [Camerarius] to geographer and cartographer Abraham Ortelius (1527–1598, at Antwerp and unnamed addresses). References are made to Ortelius’s Synonymia (1578), to maps by him, and to plants he desired, as well as to Camerer’s Hortus (1588), his “third century of emblems and symbols” (1596)*, travels he made to visit persons including botanists [Mathias?] de Lobel (1538–1616) and [   ] Coldenberg, and to other matters.

Nürnberg and an unnamed location.

The original letters were acquired by the George Arents Collection of the New York Public Library <> in 1955.
Translations by Sarah Augusta Dickson, first curator of the Arents collection, were sent with her compliments to Mrs. R. A. Hunt, June 1955.

* Information on dates of Camerer’s publications and provenance of this collection were found with the letters.

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Camerer, Joachim
Photographer: John R. Freeman & Co., London
HI Archives portrait no. 3

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