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Edward Lee Greene (1843–1915)

Taxonomist, collector

Manuscript of Landmarks of Botanical History, n.d. 

HI Archives collection no. 14

Two reels microfilm


Items, 1792, n.d., and 1923

HI Archives collection no. 63
Folder file, box 2

Greene, Edward Lee
Photographer: Bachrach Portraits, Washington, D.C.
HI Archives portrait no. 10

Biographical and content notes for Archives 14
Edward Lee Greene (1843–1915) was a plant collector and a taxonomist. He was instructor and professor of botany at the University of California, Berkeley (1885–1895), professor of botany at the Catholic University (1895–1904), and associate in botany at the Smithsonian Institution (1904–1915).
This collection includes two rolls of microfilm, comprised of handwritten manuscript pages (ca.1400 pp., n.d.) of Greene’s Volume II of Landmarks of Botanical History. The first volume, Landmarks of Botanical History; A Study of Certain Epochs in the Development of the Science of Botany. Part I.—Prior to 1562 A.D. was published in 1909 by the Smithsonian Institution (HI Library call no. DA1 G799L). In 1983 Hunt Institute, in collaboration with Stanford University Press, published volume two together with a reprint of volume one.  Frank N. Egerton (1936–) worked diligently for over a decade editing the manuscript, first as assistant to the director at Hunt Institute (1966–1970), then as professor of history of science and environmental history at University of Wisconsin—Parkside.
The microfilm is of volume two and concerns the lives and work of the “Italian forefathers of the 15th century” and also Joseph Pitton de Tournefort (1656–1708). The men described are Luigi Anguillara (1512–1570), Ermolao Barbaro (1454–1493), Antonia Musa Brasavola (1500–1555), Andrea Cesalpino (1519–1603), Pandolfo Collenucio (1444–1504), Fabio Colunna (1567–1640), Rembert Dodoens (1517–1585), Teodoro Gaza (1398–1478), Conrad Gesner (1516–1565), Luca Ghini (1490–1556), Nicolo Leoniceno (1428–1524), Matthias de Lobel (1538–1616), Giovanni Jacopo Manardo (1462–1536), Pier Andrea Mattioli (1500–1577), Jean Ruel (1474–1537), and Marcellus Vergilius (1464–1521).

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Greene's papers are at the Notre Dame Archives:

List of typed content headings on microfilm—Reel 1
E. L. Greene Mss.
Misc. notes on: 
Amatus Lusitanus—10 pages
A. Anguillara—109 pages
A. Brasavola—57 pages
Caesalpinus—43 pages
F. Columna—13 pages
C. Gesner—29 pages
Luca Ghini—38 pages
M. Lobelius—13 pages
Maranta [Not included in Vol. II]—2 pages
P. A. Mattioli—67 pages
J. Ruellius—14 pages
J. Tournefort—32 pages
(Pages refer to pages of microfilm not pages of notes.)
Reel 1—continued
“Smithsonian Misc. Collections—Part of Volume
Landmarks of Botanical History: 
A Study of Certain Epoche in the Development of the Science of Botany
Part 2—Prior to 1717 A.D. 
By Edward Lee Greene”
pp. 1–778
Reel 2
Continued of above with 20 pages of overlap: pp. 758–1390
(Page numbers refer to number stamped on Greene’s drafts in upper right corner.)

Greene, Edward Lee
Sitting in field with specimens.
Date: ca.1913
HI Archives portrait no. 6b

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