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Hugo Iltis (1882–1952)

Biologist, botanist

Mendel Biography Papers, 1841–[1905–1935]

HI Archives collection no. 19
One box, 37 items
1 case glass negatives

Letters, 1901–1922 and n.d.

Archives 20
Folder file, 9 items

Iltis, Hugo
Photographer: Hugh Iltis
Date: 1948 (at age 66)
HI Archives portrait no. 1

Biographical note
Hugo Iltis (1882–1952) was a professor of biology, botany, and genetics in Brünn, Czechoslovakia, and became a professor of biology at the University of Virginia after his arrival in the U.S. in 1939. He authored Gregor Johann Mendel: Leben, Werk und Wirkung (Berlin, J. Springer, 1924; Life of Mendel, transl. E. and C. Paul, New York, W. W. Norton & Co., HI Library call no. LB Ms37i).

Content note for HI Archives collection no. 19
This collection consists mainly of photocopied copies of letters to Iltis dealing with research for his book, Gregor Johann Mendel: Leben, Werk und Wirkung (1924), as well as letters he received after publication of the book. The pre-1905 items include copies of Mendel papers or other items pertaining to Itlis’s research. All materials are in German. This collection, includes a photograph of Paul Sorenson and slides pertaining to Gregor Mendel that belonged to Iltis.

Bateson, William, 1861–1926
Billroth, Christian Albert Theodor, 1829–1894
Brücke, Ernst Wilhelm, 1819–1892
Correns, Carl Erich, 1864–1933
Focke, Wilhelm Olbers, 1834–1922
Oborny, Adolf, 1840–1924
Roemer, Theodor Ernst Martin, 1883–1951
Schindler, Alois
Schindler, Ferdinand, 1867–1923
Twrdy, Amalie
Weismann, August, 1834–1914
Wiesner, Julius Ritter von

Content note for HI Archives collection no. 20
This collection consists of letters (photocopies, one from each writer) to Iltis. The origin of these letters is unknown.

Beck, Gunther von Mannagetta, 1856–1931
Hohenfurth, 1 April 1919, with postscript from Prague, 10 April 1919

Dodel [-Port], Arnold, 1843–1908
Zurich, 30 December 1901

Domin, Karel, 1882–1953
Prague, 9 July 1922

Engler, Heinrich Gustav Adolf, 1844–1930
Berlin, 22 January 1911

Hayek, August von, 1871–1928
Prague, 24 November 1920

Molisch, Hans, 1856–1937
Kärnten, n.d.

Niessl, Gustav von [in biographical file as Gustav Niessl von Mayendorf], 1839–1919
Vienna, 30 September 1912

Pascher, Adolf, 1881–1945
12 October 1919[?]

Wettstein, Richard [von Westersheim], 1863–1931
Vienna, 12 March 1909

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