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John Bernhard Leiberg (1853–1913)

Bryologist, forester

Notes on Oregon Specimens, n.d. (ca.1895–1896)

HI Archives collection no. 11
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Leiberg, John Bernhard
Photographer: H. Olson, Spokane, WA
HI Archives portrait no. 1

Biographical note
John Bernhard Leiberg (1853–1913) was a bryologist, forester, and botanical explorer. Born in Malmö, Sweden, he came to America in 1868, settling in 1880 near Lake Coeur d’Aleen, Idaho. He accompanied John H. Sandberg (1848–1917) on his second botanical expedition to the mountains of Idaho (1893) and was field agent for the Botanical Division, United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.), in the summers of 1895 and 1896, collecting in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. He was connected with the U.S. Geological Survey (1897–1903), was forestry inspector in the Philippines (1904–1905), and investigated the timber supply of the Forest Reserves of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Arizona (1905–1906). He was the author of a number of publications, including Contributions to the Flora of Idaho and Minnesota and various works concerning forestry. Leiberg died in Leaburg, Oregon, on 28 October 1913.

For more information, see Rydberg, Per Axel.  1907.  Scandinavians Who Have Contributed to the Knowledge of the Flora of North America.  Contributions from the New York Botanical Garden [series], 100.  Lancaster, PA: New York Botanical Garden.  P. 40.  [HI Library call no. LA R992S.]

Content note
Included here is one handwritten notebook, bound with string but lacking covers. It contains a numbered list of plant and tree specimens Leiberg collected in Oregon, with notes as to date (month only given, June–September), locations, and altitudes. Although the notebook is undated, it is likely that the notes were compiled during the summer of either 1895 or 1896, when Leiberg worked in Oregon for the U.S.D.A. This list is a duplicate of one first believed lost in the mail between Athol, Idaho, and the U.S.D.A. in Washington, D.C., but the original was later found.

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Leiberg, John Bernhard
Date: 1870 (at age 17)
HI Archives portrait no. 2

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