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Philip Miller (1691–1771)

Botanist, horticulturist
Superintendent, Chelsea Physic Garden

Items, 1763–1768, 1921–1932, and n.d.

HI Archives collection no. 9
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Title page of Philip Miller’s Gardener's Dictionary
(London, 1731).

Biographical and content note
Philip Miller (1691–1771) was the superintendent of Chelsea Physic Garden, London, as well as the author of the Gardener’s Dictionary (London, Printed for the author and sold by C. Rivington, 1731; HI Library call no. E15 M649G) and other horticultural works. Included here are the following:

Six letters (1763–1768, positive photostats) from Miller in Chelsea to Carolus Linnaeus, discussing exchange of seeds and books; criticizing some of Linnaeus’s determinations; mentioning a “Hortus Siccus,” which Linnaeus’s son was making; and referring to Daniel Carlsson Solander, who apparently had not passed on specimens and information to Linnaeus as he had promised. Also mentioned are John Ellis, Johan Christian Fabric[i]us, William Houstoun, and others.

Handwritten notes (25 pages, negative photostats) on the Miller Herbarium, made in 1921 by Alfred James Wilmott “as a result of study while labeling the types (and other sheets) selected for safe storage during the war.”

A draft (2 typescript pages, negative photostats) concerning “Thymus lanuginosis in Herb. Miller,” also by Wilmett, and a reprint of the same item from the Journal of Botany (May 1923) with the author’s corrections and annotations.

Six photographs (not counting duplicates and negatives), including some of specimens from the herbarium and one of the herbarium itself.

The originals of the letters described here are in the Library of the Linnean Society of London. The Wilmott notes are apparently in the British Museum, and the photos were made for the Bailey Hortorium.

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Frontispiece of Philip Miller’s Gardener's Dictionary (London, 1731).

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