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Wall Chart Collection

The Hunt Institute’s collection contains four incomplete sets of instructional wall charts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These consist of lithographs, some with hand coloring, measuring approximately 66 x 82 centimeters.

Images from this collection have been added to the Catalogue of the Botanical Art Collection at the Hunt Institute database. For quick access to the images in this collection, see the Art Collections page, which features search results for each of the Art Department collections for which images have been added to the database. Otherwise, most of the charts can be located by searching under the Publication field in the database for "Wandtafeln"; the remainder will be found by entering "Henslow’s," "Lamertin" or "C. Müller" in the Publication field. To inquire about publishing these images, please contact the Art Department.

Tafel XI, Heterostyler Trimorphismus der Blüten von Lythrum salicaria L., color lithograph by Carl Ignaz Leopold Kny (1841–1916) and C. Müller for Kny's Botanische Wandtafeln (Berlin, Paul Parey, n.d. [?1874–1911], pl. 40).
HI Art accession no. 6699.040.

Originally consisting of 120 plates, Botanische Wandtafeln (Berlin, Paul Parey) covers anatomy, morphology and systematics. The Institute’s set is missing plates 1–10, 25, and 26. Artists credited include L. Kny, W. Zopf, A. de Bary, Tulasne, O. Brefeld, A. Riocreux, E. Bornet, C. Müller, M. Woronin, E. Heinricher, and Th. Waage. Printmakers are E. Laue, von Laue, and W. A. Meyn. Unfortunately, the plates are untitled, and no explanatory text is available to us. Rudolf Schmid, Department of Botany, University of California, Berkeley, reports that this series, issued by Leopold Kny, was published from 1874 to 1911 and in 1911 cost $115. (See "The phenomenon of botanical wall charts (botanische Wandtafeln) from 1874 to 1914," American Journal of Botany, 72(6): 879, an abstract of a talk presented at the meeting of the American Institute of Biological Sciences held in August 1985 at the University of Florida, Gainesville; also "Wall charts (Wandtafeln) — Remembrance of things past," Taxon, 39(3): 471–472, 1990.)

The Institute’s Pflanzenphysiologische Wandtafeln von Frank und Tschirch (Berlin, Paul Parey), covering anatomy, morphology and physiology, is numbered through 60, but plates 1, 3–10, 25, 26 and 49 are missing. According to Schmid, this series was published from 1889 to 1894 and in 1894 sold for $45.

Our collection includes nine charts on systematics by Walter Hood Fitch from Prof. Henslow’s Botanical Diagrams. Drawn by W. Fitch, for the Committee of Council on Education: Department of Science and Art, Phaenogamous Plants, 1857. The total number of charts in this set is unknown to us. They were printed by Day & Son.

The Institute’s collection also includes 14 of 15 plates of Planches de Physiologie Végétal (Brussels, Léo Errera and Émile Laurent; H. Lambertin, editor) covering anatomy and physiology by artists G. Duyk, A. S. Lavalette, G. Lavalette, L. E. Lavalette, C. H. Bommer, with some charts containing various combinations of these names. The printmaker is J. L. Goffart. Schmid cites a publication date of 1897.

Pl. IX, Croissance, color lithograph by L. E. Lavalette and G. Lavalette
for Léo Errera and Émile Laurent's Planches de Physiologie Végétale
(Brussels, H. Lamertin, 1897, pl. 9). HI Art accession no. 6701.08.

The lithographs in the four collections cited above are listed by artist’s name (or "unknown") in the Catalogue of the Botanical Art Collection at the Hunt Institute. All are under "Plant Portraits" except for a few of the Belgian charts, which depict laboratory apparatus and are filed under "Non-botanical." The Institute welcomes any additional information about these charts.

A recent acquisition from Auburn University Herbarium is 100 slides of plant anatomy subjects, distributed earlier in the century by New York Biological Supply Laboratory and Cambridge Botanical Supply Company. Twenty additional slides in this collection are of living plants, cross-sections, and habitat scenes. Auburn owns a set of German charts "sold and distributed by Denoyer-Geppert Company … Chicago."

Such charts have fallen into disuse with modern visual aids, but in my opinion they remain sources of valuable information, especially for students of plant anatomy and systematics.

— James J. White
(from Bulletin of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, 1999, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 10)

Taf. XXII, Stengel von Cannabis sativa im Querschnitt Festigung durch den Holze- und Bastring, color lithograph by an unknown artist for Pflanzenphysiologische Wandtafeln von Frank und Tschirch (Berlin, Paul Parey, n.d. [?1889–1894], Taf. 22). HI Art accession no. 6700.12.

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