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Account of 814 Plants & Insects, Most of Which Are Reckoned Medicinal by the Chinese (ca.1800)

Friedrich von Berchtold and Jan Svatopluk Presl, O Prirozenosti Rostlin aneb Rostlinár (1823–1835)

John Ellis, Directions for Bringing over Seeds and Plants (1770)

François L'Anglois, Livre de Fleurs (1620)

 François L'Anglois, Livre de Fleurs (1620)

L’Anglois, François (1589–1647). Livre de Fleurs, ou Sont Representés Touttes Sortes de Tulippes, Narcisses, Iris, et Plusieurs Autres Fleurs avec Diversités d'Oiseaux, Mouches, et Papillons, le Tout Fait apres le Naturel. Paris: Joan le Clerc, 1620.

The book is available as a PDF (25.1 MB).
Title page from François L’Anglois’ Livre de Fleurs (Paris, Joan le Clerc, 1620). HI Library call no. DQ1 L282L.

These 17th-century plates depict garden flowers such as irises and tulips along with songbirds and insects. Elaborately curled banners display pre-Linnaean Latin names. According to Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi in An Oak Spring Flora (Upperville, Oak Spring Garden Library, 1997), L’Anglois worked not only as an artist and engraver but also as a bookseller and art dealer who eventually opened a shop in Paris where he produced engraved prints.

The title page for Livre de Fleurs was designed by L’Anglois and engraved by German engraver Léonard Gaultier (1561–1641), who also worked in Paris. The plates were all drawn and engraved by L’Anglois himself, emphasizing the decorative aspects of the flora and fauna depicted. Our copy contains 27 of the 28 plates, and the missing plate is represented in our PDF by a photograph supplied from another copy.

A plate from François L’Anglois’ Livre de Fleurs (Paris, Joan le Clerc, 1620). HI Library call no. DQ1 L282L.

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