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Exhibition Opening

12th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration

Held 27 September 2007

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12th International artist Hillary Landemare Parker and Curator of Art James J. White.

12th International artist Deirdre Bean (in gray wearing corsage at far left); 10th International artist Corinne Lapin-Cohen (in gray with red purse at center) talking with botanical artist Kyoko Katayama (in black) and 12th International artist Tomoko Ogawa (in black holding 12th catalogue on right).

12th international artists Hazel West-Sherring (left) and Elaine Searle (right) with Curator of Art James J. White (center).

12th International artist Carolyn Cappello (center) with her husband (left) and Curator of Art James J. White (right).

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