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Past Exhibitions


When the Hunt Botanical Library (now the Hunt Institute) first opened in 1961, samples of works in Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt's collection were informally hung in the boardroom (now the gallery) until 1963. Exhibition of Redoutéana, which included paintings, letters, documents, and books illustrated by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, was the first exhibit formally open to the public. From that point on, a regular exhibition program was implemented, with a spring and fall display of artwork from our collection, or on loan from others. Below is a list, which includes exhibition titles, display dates, and information as to whether a checklist or catalogue was printed. In the future detailed descriptions will be added to these exhibits.

Photograph of the gallery during the Contemporary Botanical Art & Illustration exhibition, which became known as the 1st International, between 6 April and 1 September 1964.

2 October 1961–16 March 1963
Informal installations of artworks in the boardroom (now the gallery) periodically changed during this period.

21 April–1 August 1963
Exhibition of Redoutéana
(Paintings, letters, documents, and books illustrated by Pierre-Joseph Redouté)
Publications: Out-of-Print; checklist, out-of-print

18 August–8 November 1963
Adanson exhibition (books, manuscripts, letters, photographs, and [from Sénégal] botanical specimens and artifacts)
Publications: Out-of-Print

13 November 1963–30 March 1964
Prints and illustrations from herbals of the 15th–17th century

6 April–1 September 1964
Contemporary Botanical Art & Illustration (1st International)
Publications: Out-of-Print

7 September 1964–29 April 1965
The 17th Century Florilegia: Prints and Books

2 May–15 October 1965
Botanical Paintings by Andrey Avinoff
(checklist, out-of-print)

17 October 1965–15 May 1966
Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden: Botanical Illustrations
(checklist, out-of-print)

19 May–31 October 1966
Botanical Art of the 18th and 19th Century: Prints, Drawings and Paintings

6 November 1966–25 March 1967
Botanical Linocuts by Henry Evans
(checklist, out-of-print)

1 May–1 July 1967
An Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration: Lee Adams (Tropical Fruits and Flowers)

1 May–6 October 1967
Georg D. Ehret (A Selection of His Botanical Paintings)
(checklist, out-of-print)

6 July–6 October 1967
Decorative Flower and Fruit Prints and Paintings of 1750–1850
Checklist: Decorative Flower PDF

12 November 1967–15 April 1968
Cynthia Newsome-Taylor: Paintings for Flower and Gardening Books
(checklist, out-of-print)

20 April–11 October 1968
19th Century Botanical Prints and Paintings

20 October 1968–15 April 1969
2nd International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

21 April–20 June 1969
Spring Exhibition:
Peter Takal: Botanical Graphics
Elfriede M. Abbe: Botanical Sculptures
Norris P. Jones: Parchment Flower Arrangements

(checklist, out-of-print)

20 June–15 October 1969
Paintings from 17th–19th Century Albums in the Hunt Institute Collection

1 November 1969–15 April 1970
Paintings, Drawings, Prints of Lilies from the Hunt Institute Collection

4–29 May 1970
Paintings by E. Margaret Stones for the Endemic Flora of Tasmania

19 April–10 October 1970
Lotte Günthart Paintings, Drawings and Prints (A retrospective exhibit)
Publications: Out-of-Print

9 September–31 December 1970
Mrs. Gene Williamson: Ceramic Mushrooms and Other Fungi

18 October 1970–10 April 1971
An Exhibition of Paintings by Jack Kunz (forestry paintings)
Publications: Out-of-Print

26 April–15 October 1971
Plants–Mostly Tropical: An Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings by Marion Ruff Sheehan
(checklist, out-of-print)

25 October 1971–31 March 1972
Animal, Vegetable and Mineral: Paintings by Claus Caspari
(checklist, out-of-print)

17 April–30 June 1972
Homegrown–Pittsburgh Artists on Plant Subjects
(checklist, out-of-print)

17 April –August 1972
Thomas Patterson–Bookbinder
(checklist, out-of-print)

August–October 1972
Selections from the Hunt Institute Collection (paintings, drawings and prints)

12 November 1972–30 March 1973
3rd International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: Out-of-Print

16 April–18 May 1973
Students Botanically Involved
(exhibition of 60 works by art students of Carnegie Mellon University, including graphic arts, jewelry, glassblowing and architectural models

3 June–14 September 1973
Jeanne Holgate: Paintings and Drawings
(checklist, out-of-print)

3 June 1973
Opening of Linnaean Room housing the Strandell Collection of Linnaeana
Publications: A Linnaean Keepsake

1 October 1973–28 February 1974
Paintings and Drawings by Frederick A. Walpole
Checklist: Walpole PDF

March– ? 1974
23 Designers (Carnegie Mellon University Design Department)

1 April 1974–13 September 1974
Artists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Publications: Out-of-Print

14 October 1974–14 February 1975
Homegrown II–Pittsburgh Area Artists on Plant Subjects
(checklist, out-of-print)

3 March–21 March 1975
Senior Design Department show (Carnegie Mellon University Design Department)

7 April–26 September 1975
Paintings and Drawings by Mary Grierson
(checklist, out-of-print)

3 November 1975–27 February 1976
Five West Coast Printmakers: Walter Cleveland, Henry Evans, Henry Mockel, Kenjilo Nanao, Marvin Spohn
(checklist, out-of-print)

4 April–30 July 1976
American Cornucopia: 19th Century Still Lifes and Studies
(checklist, out-of-print)

August–October 1976
Prints and Drawings from the Collection

1 November 1976–25 March 1977
American Wildflowers: National Geographic Illustrations by Mary Eaton
(brochure, out-of-print)

18 April–30 September 1977
Flowers of the World: Paintings by Leslie Greenwood
(checklist, out-of-print)

6 November 1977–31 March 1978
4th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International, Out-of-Print

24 April–15 September 1978
Homegrown III

Spring 1979
Student Show?

14 May–14 September 1979
Northeast Folio: Exhibition of Works by Contemporary Botanical Printmakers
Publications: Northeast Folio, Out-of-Print

20 November 1978–16 February 1979
Reflections from the Third Day: Photographic Revelations of Plant Design
Publicatons: Reflections, Out-of-Print

12 November 1979–15 February 1980
The Tradition of Fine Bookbinding in the Twentieth Century
Publications: Fine Bookbinding, Out-of-Print

31 March–18 July 1980
A Selection of Late 18th and Early 19th Century Indian Botanical Paintings
(Commissioned by the Honourable East India Company and Executed in Watercolor by Native Artists)
Publications: Out-of-Print

20 October 1980–13 March 1981
Kate Greenaway
Publications: Kate Greenaway, Out-of-Print; Posters
Checklist: Greenaway PDF

30 March–5 June 1981
Nosegays and Bouquets: Flower and Fruit Arrangements in Western Art
(checklist, out-of-print)

29 June–18 September 1981
Drawings and Bronze Sculptures by Nancy Webb

26 October–6 March 1982
Selections from the Torner Collection of Sessé and Mociño Biological Illustrations

5 April–16 July 1982
Talking in Flowers: Japanese Botanical Art
Publictions: Talking in Flowers, Out-of-Print

23 August–24 September 1982
Cloud Flowers: Rhododendrons East and West
(organized by the Botanical Garden of the University of British Columbia)

25 October 1982–26 February 1983
Cacti and Succulents
Publications: Posters

11 April–15 July 1983
5th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: Out-of-Print; Posters

24 October 1983–24 February 1984
Flora Portrayed: Classics of Botanical Art from the Hunt Institute Collection
Publications: Out-of-Print; Posters

16 April–15 June 1984
Still-Lifes and Nature Studies from the George J. McDonald Collection
(checklist; Posters)

19 November 1984–28 February 1985
Linger Golden Light
(50 recent paintings and drawings of floral subjects by Lotte Günthart)
Publications: Out-of-Print; Posters

22 April–19 July 1985
For Love of Nature: Brazilian Flora and Fauna in Watercolor by Etienne, Rosália and Yvonne Demonte
Publications: Out-of-Print; Posters
(Also at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY, 17 February–4 May 1986 and National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 14 November 1986–4 January 1987)

21 April–31 July 1986
Printmaking in the Service of Botany
Publications: Printmaking

20 April–13 June 1987
Flowers of the Amazon: Watercolors by Margaret Mee

12 November 1986–28 February 1987
Fields of Grass: The Varied Uses of Grasses
(Organized by Smithsonian Institution and Hunt Institute to complement Symposium on Grass Semantics and Evolution at Smithsonian Institution)

6 November–18 December 1987
Mouton Rothschild Paintings for the Labels (40 works created by contemporary artists for labeling Mouton Rothschild wines)

8 April–31 July 1988
6th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

13 October–16 December 1988
Flowers from the Royal Gardens of Kew: Two Centuries of Curtis's Botanical Magazine
Publications: Kew

6 November 1989–23 February 1990
Botanical Watercolors by Marilena Pistoia
Checklist: Pistoia PDF

8 November 1990–1 March 1991
Orchids from the Hunt Institute Collection
Checklist: Orchids PDF

Orchids Press Release PDF

9 July–21 October 1991
Pretty Deadly: Poisonous Plants of Forest, Field and Garden
(prepared and presented by The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in cooperation with Pittsburgh Poison Center and Phipps Conservatory)
On display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Pretty Deadly Press Release PDF

13 April–31 July 1992
7th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

7th International Press Release PDF

15 November 1993–31 March 1994
Ensigns of the Rainbow Goddess
Checklist: Ensigns PDF

Ensigns Press Release PDF

17 November 1994–24 February 1995
Natural-History Paintings from Rajasthan
Publications: Rajasthan

Rajasthan Press Release PDF

13 April–14 July 1995
Botanical Watercolors by British Artists Andrew P. Brown and John Wilkinson

Brown and Wilkinson Press Release PDF

17 August–22 October 1995
Gary Bukovnik: Watercolors and Monoprints
Publications: Out-of-Print
(collaborative exhibit with Concept Art Gallery)

Bukovnik Press Release PDF

13 November 1995–29 February 1996
8th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

8th International Press Release PDF

1 April–31 May 1996
Japonica Magnifica: Paintings by Raymond Booth

Booth Press Release PDF

16 September–6 December 1996
Contemporary Botanical Artists: The Shirley Sherwood Collection.

Sherwood Press Release PDF

17 March–30 May 1997
Kate Nessler: Wildflowers of Baker Prairie

Nessler Press Release PDF

9 October 1997–28 February 1998
Botanical art by Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770)

Ehret Press Release PDF

9 April–4 September 1998
Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers: Super-realistic Paintings by Masao Saito

Saito Press Release PDF

12 October 1998–26 February 1999
9th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

9th International Press Release PDF

12 April–30 July 1999
Botanical Paintings by James Linton Sain

Sain Press Release PDF

16 September 1999–29 February 2000
Portraits of Indian Trees: Arundhati Vartak
Publications: Arundhati Vartak
Arundhati Vartak’s Sketches: Souls of Her Paintings–Chatham College Art Gallery
31 August –25 September 1999

Vartak Press Release PDF

24 April–28 July 2000
Watercolors from the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society

Chelsea Press Release PDF

26 October 2000–28 February 2001
Gifts of Winter
Publicationa: Gifts of Winter

Gifts of Winter Press Release PDF

24 April–31 July 2001
Enduring Perfection: Paintings by Damodar Lal Gurjar
Publications: Damodar Lai Gurjar

Gurjar Press Release PDF

28 October 2001–28 February 2002
10th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

10th International Press Release PDF

28 April–31 July 2002
Order from Chaos: Linnaeus Disposes
Exhibitions: Order from Chaos

Linnaeus Press Release PDF

19 September 2002–28 February 2003
Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden: A Blossom on the Bough
Publications: Anne Dowden

Dowden Press Release PDF

27 April–31 July 2003
American Botanical Prints of Two Centuries
Publications: American Botanical Prints

American Botanical Prints Press Release PDF

25 September 2003–29 February 2004
Healing Plants of Ida Hrubesky Pemberton
Publications: Pemberton

Pemberton Press Release PDF

29 April–30 July 2004
Botanical Watercolors from the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland
Publications: Nationaal Herbarium Nederland

Nationaal Herbarium Nederland Press Release PDF

24 October 2004–28 February 2005
11th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International

11th International Press Release PDF

12 May 2005–31 July 2005
The Flowering Amazon: Margaret Mee Paintings from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Publications: Margaret Mee

Mee Press Release PDF

11 September– 22 December 2005 at the Hunt Institute
1 March–31 May 2006 at the National Agricultural Library

Inspiration and Translation: Botanical and Horticultural Lithographs of Joseph Prestele and Sons
Publications: Joseph Prestele

Prestele Press Release PDF

23 March–30 June 2006
Yuuga: Contemporary Botanical Watercolors from Japan
Publications: Yuuga, Out-of-Print

Yuuga Press Release PDF

14 September–20 December 2006
What We Collect: Recent Art Acquisitions

What We Collect Press Release PDF

22 March–29 June 2007
Virtues and Pleasures of Herbs through History: Physic, Flavor, Fragrance and Dye

Herbs Press Release PDF

30 September–20 December 2007
12th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration
Publications: International
Click here to see images of the 12th International preview reception held on 27 September 2007.

12th International Press Release PDF

27 March–29 June 2008
Edward Donovan: Naturalist Artist, Author and Collector.

Donovan Press Release PDF

18 September –19 December 2008
Pancrace Bessa and the Golden Age of French Botanical Illustration

Bessa Press Release PDF

26 March–30 June 2009
Wings of Paradise: Watercolors of Silkmoths by John Cody

Cody Press Release PDF

29 October 2009–30 June 2010
Botanicals: Environmental Expressions in Art, the Alisa and Isaac M. Sutton Collection

Botanicals Press Release PDF

24 September–17 December 2010
13th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration

13th International Press Release PDF

25 March–30 June 2011
Flora’s Lexicon

Flora's Lexicon Press Release PDF

16 September–15 December 2011
Botany and History Entwined: Rachel Hunt’s Legacy

Botany and History Entwined Press Release PDF

2 March–29 June 2012
Native Pennsylvania, A Wildflower Walk

Native Pennsylvania Press Release PDF

Native Pennsylvania Poster PDF

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