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Mr. Frank A. Reynolds
Graphics Manager

Mr. Reynolds manages the Institute's imaging services, producing both film-based and digital images of works in the Institute's collections for researchers, publishers, and the Institute's own publications. His reproductions have appeared in all but two of the Institute's publications since 1981.

This includes:

The Torner Collection of Sessé and Mociño Biological Illustrations CD-ROM, for which he photographed and scanned the 2000 35mm slides used for this project, and wrote the HTML for the CD.

The Ex Libris reproductions.

Cards and other publications by Galison Books and Julia Bell, based on artworks and books in the Institute's collection.

He also serves as the Institute's Webmaster, preparing images, implementing Web page design and format, managing the site, and the Institute's Web server. He designed and manages American Society of Botanical Artists' ( Web site which is hosted by the Institute.

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