BPH-2: Periodicals with Botanical Content

Compiled by Gavin D. R. Bridson. 2004. 2 volumes. v–xx, 1,470 pp.; 8 1/2 x 11"; 10 lbs. Cloth bound, Free plus shipping and handling. ISBN 0-913196-78-9.

BPH-2, a second edition of Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum (1968), is an alphabetical title list of periodicals with botanical content. Spanning 1665 to 2002, BPH-2 includes more than 33,000 titles from around the world in agriculture, agronomy, bacteriology, biology, biotechnology, botanical bibliography and history, conservation, ecology, environmental science, floriculture, forestry, fruit growing, genetics and plant breeding, geography, horticulture, hydrobiology and limnology, immunology and toxicology, medical mycology, microbiology and microscopy, molecular biology, palaeontology, pharmacology and pharmacognosy, plant pathology and vegetable crops, etc. Each entry provides the title, subtitle, volume and date span, a standardized title abbreviation, and notice of former and subsequent titles where relevant. Over 8,000 cross-references facilitate searches. BPH-2 is intended for the use of workers in all the fields mentioned above, together with librarians, bibliographers, database managers, and publishers.

Hunt Institute Bibliographer Gavin D. R. Bridson spent nine years compiling new periodical titles, incorporating entries from BPH/S (his 1991 supplement to BPH), and checking and correcting entries from the first edition. Before joining the Institute staff 22 years ago, Bridson worked as the Zoological Department librarian at The Natural History Museum in London and later as librarian and archivist at The Linnean Society of London. Apart from his professional interests in the bibliography and history of natural history, Bridson pursues special research interests in the history of natural-history illustration and the technical history of picture-printing techniques during the period 1750–1900. He compiled with Valerie Phillips and Anthony Harvey Natural History Manuscript Resources in the British Isles (New York, Bowker, 1980), co-authored with James White Plant, Animal & Anatomical Illustration in Art & Science: A Bibliographical Guide from the 16th Century to the Present Day (Pittsburgh, Hunt Institute, 1990), and wrote The History of Natural-History: An Annotated Bibliography (New York, Garland, 1994).


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