B-P-H/S. Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum/Supplementum

Compiled and edited by Gavin D. R. Bridson with the assistance of Elizabeth R. Smith. 1991. 1,068 pp.; 8 3/4 x 11 1/4"; 6.5 lbs. Buckram bound. ISBN 0-913196-54-1. Out-of-print.

A supplement to and partial revision of B-P-H (1968), this book contains over 25,000 title entries arranged alphabetically by title and is designed as a key to entries in both volumes. It features citation abbreviations for all titles, improved cross-referencing and an expanded thesaurus of title words and their abbreviation equivalents. The supplement includes periodicals dealing with biotechnology, molecular biology, environmental studies and conservation.


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