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Miscellaneous Items Concerning Narcissus,
1864 and n.d.

HI Archives collection no. 2
Folder file box 1

These items were found in 1971 in the Institute Library's copy of Haworth’s Narcissinearum Monographia, 1831 (HI Library call no. DT 100 359 H).


Item 1
A letter from C. I. Fox (“The Beeches,” 14 April 1864) to an unknown recipient [the Rev. Henry N. Ellacombe?] concerning identification of the latter’s Narcissus as Queltia juncifolia Herb. (the same as Philogyne minor Haw.) and not a Corbularia. The letter says that [William] Herbert found [Adrian Hardy] Haworth’s “arrangement of the Narcissi… very faulty,” and requests a Paris quadrifolia when in bloom. (2 pp.)

Item 2
A letter (Brussels, 31 October 1864) from H. Westwood to Ellacombe, mainly concerning the classical authors on Narcissus. (2 pp.)

Item 3
A list and notes (n.d., author unknown) of genera and species of Narcissus. (4 pp.)

Item 4
Two undated newspaper clippings concerning Corbularia cantabrica and various species of Narcissus.

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