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Peter René Oscar Bally (1895–1980)

Swiss botanist

Correspondence with Gilbert W. Reynolds, 1950–1967

HI Archives collection no. 5
One box

Bally, Peter René Oscar
Photographer: Loutfy Boulos
Date: September 1966 (at age 71)
HI Archives portrait no. 2

Biographical and content notes
Peter René Oscar Bally was a taxonomist, plant collector in East Africa, author of “East African Succulents” 1–6 (Journal of East African Natural History, 1940–1946), botanist, and head of the herbarium of Coryndon National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya, 1938–1958. His correspondence with Gilbert W. Reynolds, an optician in Johannesburg before he moved to Swaziland in 1960 and also a collector of and authority on the genus Aloe, concerns Reynolds’ Aloes of South Africa (1950); the travel and collecting done by both men, including Reynolds’ work for Aloes of Tropical Africa and Madagascar (1966) and Bally’s for The Genus Monadenium: A Monographic Study (1961); exchange of Aloe specimens and information; and related topics. In addition, there is a letter of condolence from Bally to Reynolds’ widow, Kathleen (copy, 26 April 1967) and her reply (June 1967). Ca.400 items.

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Bally, Peter René Oscar
Gift of Mr. Bally
HI Archives portrait no. 3

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