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Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727–1817)

Botanical artist, chemist, plant explorer

Letters, 1755–1816 and n.d.

HI Archives collection no. 21
Two boxes

Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph von
HI Archives portrait no. 3

Biographical and content note
Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727–1817) was a botanical artist, author, and plant explorer. This collection consists of ca.245 photocopied letters in several languages, mainly to Jacquin in Vienna, including discussion of botanical topics. See list of correspondents below.

These letters were received from the Botany Department, Museum of Natural History, Vienna, date unknown. This appears to be a partial collection since it contains correspondence A–F only.

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Correspondents, filed alphabetically
Box 1

Allioni, Carlo (1728[?]–1804), 1778–1794 and n.d.
Aquart, And., 1762–1765
Aquart, B[   ], 1755–1766 and n.d.
Aquart, Charles
Aquart, Jean, 1760–1761
Aublet, Jean Baptiste Christophe Fusée (1720–1788), 1774
Banks, Joseph (1743–1820), 1777–1797
Bloch, Marc Eliézer (1723–1799), 1772(?)–1794
Born, Ignaz von (1742–1791), 1771–1774
Bosch, [   ] de, 1764–1765
Brugmans, Anton (1732–1789), n.d.
Brünnich, Martin, 1768–1771
Brusati, Valentino (?–1825), 1775–1816 and n.d.
Box 2
Buc’hoz, Pierre Joseph (1731–1807), 1776–1783
Buset, Joseph Gabriel de, 1765–1769
Cavanilles, Antonio José (1745–1804), 1786–1809 and n.d.
Chapelle, Fournier[?] de la, 1757 and n.d.
Chazelles, B[   ], 1778–1779
Chotet, [   ], 1783–1789
Cobenz, Ch[   ], n.d.
Cornari, [Marco?], 1775
Cusson, Pierre (1727–1783), 1771–1775
Dalberg, Nils E. (1736–1820), 1778–1783 (see “Dalberg Letters” below for additional information)
Dick, Johann Jacob (1742–1775), 1770–1774
Dryander, Jonas (1748–1810), 1790–1792
Escovar, [   ] de, 1759–1760
Fontana, Felice (1730–1805), 1773–1783
Forster, Johann Reinhold (1729–1798), 1780

Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph von
Reproduction by J. Löwy, Wien, after a painting in Universität Wien
HI Archives portrait no. 5

Dalberg Letters
The following four letters to Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727–1817) from Nils Ericsson Dalberg (1736–1820), a Swedish court physician who was a pupil of Linnaeus and a promoter of the natural sciences, were translated from French.

1. Letter to Jacquin, Vienna, 14 April 1778, from Dalberg, Ulriksdal, Sweden
1 page, 23 x 19 cm

Informs Jacquin that Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin has sent Dalberg the letter he received from Jacquin and that it manifests the admirable qualities he had already noted in the material Jacquin had sent to Johann Andreas Murray and other of Dalberg’s friends. The list of plants contains only those contained in Jacquin’s flora, all of which are unfamiliar to Dalberg. Since there are many he doesn’t possess and has no opportunity to inspect, he is going to leave to Jacquin’s discretion which specimens to send, as any will be appreciated.

2. Letter to Jacquin, 13 August 1779, from Dalberg, Drottningholm, Sweden
1 page, 23 x 17.5 cm
Informs Jacquin that dried specimens have arrived and their receipt has intensified Dalberg’s wish to demonstrate his admiration for him. Dalberg has asked Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin to send Jacquin the new edition of their pharmacopoeia and states that Jacquin’s approval of the work will be compensation for all the time spent on it. He adds that there are still many corrections to be made but that circumstances prevent him from making them.

3. Letter to Jacquin, 13 June 1780, from Dalberg, Ulriksdal, Sweden
1 page, 23 x 17.5 cm
Has received the package Jacquin sent from Copenhagen and has given Wargentin the two copies of the five-volume set of Flora Austriaca. Dalberg has had to neglect many of his affairs in order to care for the Crown Prince of Sweden, a responsibility that puts him completely at the disposal of the king. He is about to leave on a trip to Germany with the king but has been kept in ignorance of the exact destination. He mentions that the collection of the late Andreas Philip Tidström was advertised in the papers to be sold to the highest bidder; he says it is the most complete set that one can find in Sweden and thinks the price will not be very high. He asks that his mail be sent to Wargentin to ensure that Dalberg receives it.

4. Letter to Jacquin, 20 October 1783, from Dalberg, Stockholm, Sweden
1 page, 23 x 16.5 cm
Informs Jacquin that he sent him a small bottle of minerals in August, and a larger bottle the previous week. He thinks he can send more the following year, and hopes that next spring he can send a part of what Jacquin requested in his note.

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